PreK 2 Class

Next weeks theme is about summer activities vs fall activities! we are going to read books about going to the beach!

We are going to have fun with sand sensory bins! Your sweet children will talk about apple picking and even do one of their art projects with an apple!

We are going to read one of my favorite books, The Little Yellow Leaf  By, Carin Berger.

The two’s class will be going on a scavenger hunt on the playground to locate essential summer and fall items like, sun glasses, shorts, sun tan lotion, sweatshirts and vests to name a few!

This sure will be fun! Make sure to ask them about it

PreK 3 Class

Theme – Welcome

This week we will focus on learning to share, say” please” and”thank you”, listen during story time and sit still when appropriate.

Each child will become familiar with teachers, peers and school environment.

English – We are working on letter “A” and its sound, naming as many “A” words as we can. We are learning some nursery rhymes.

We will be sorting by shape then by colors. We will be counting 1-10.

Circle Time Activities
” A” words, color match, shape match, number maths and days of the week. We will read at least one story each day, often related to letter A.

We will collect A pictures to make a mini collage.

PreK 4 Class / Wraparound


We’re getting acquainted and reacquainted with our friends and getting back into the rhythm of school!

We are working on letters A and B and numbers 1-15. We are reviewing shapes and colors as well. Using name cards , the children are learning the spelling of their names and their classmates’ names.

Circle time activities have included Applesauce As, color match, number math(one-to-one correspondence), days of the week, months of the year, seasons and weather reviews! We read at least one story each day as well.

This week we’ll have lessons on rhyming and positional words. We’ll use colorful blocks for counting and making sets. We’ll taste apples and use slices and seeds for a math lesson. We’ll make and snack on our own apple pies!