X, the letter of the week

Hello Little Promises families,

Our Letter of this week is X and we will be working on the following projects:

  • Kids will be decorating X shapes with tissue squares.
  • As a winter season discussion wrap-up, kids will be involved on creating our last winter projects that includes marshmallow snowman craft.
  • They will be working with alphabet ice cubes that they will have to search for and identify.
  • We are also going to wrap up the healthy habits and hearts discussions.


Pre-k 4 Class

X is this week’s letter. We’ll make colorful xylophones and X- rays of our hands! We’ll practice making Xs and 3s, 5s and 7s.

To continue developing fine motor skills, we’ll practice cutting with paper plates, shapes and worksheets and use child safe tweezers(large,plastic and colorful) to pick up, sort and count a variety of small objects.

Math activities will include making sets with small snacks and using clip on clothes pins for a number/shape game.

We’ll make edible stegosaurs as part of our science lesson on dinosaurs.

Valentine Fundraiser Event – Feb 14th 2014

We want to thank the parents who participated Valentine Fundraiser.  Kids had a good time and we have posted some of the pictures of the event in the following URL:



 Reminder: The cookie fund raising money will be due in on Tuesday February 26th.